Health insurance termination in Switzerland. Information by postcode

You can have all the bonuses calculated for the desired franchises. Particularly useful: Choose the «Franchise» option if you would like to know the best franchise for your estimated health costs: Valais

In this case, the premium calculator from calculates automatically for all product variants, which franchise is the most convenient for you personally.
All standard, HMO, GP, Telmed, Medpharm and Pharmed of the compulsory basic insurance are displayed for your profile, which are available in your community. The officially approved premium data of the Federal Government (FAG, Priminfo) serve as the basis.
In addition, the neutral calculator takes into account reductions in premiums for families with several children, restricted areas of activity for the health insurance funds, and restricted coverage areas for the HMO and pediatrician models
In the case of families and children's health insurance, the health insurance legislation provides for sufficient leeway to relieve families financially. The franchise plays an important role here, which is usually set at CHF 0 for children.

Termination of basic insurance
If you want to change your health insurance, this usually happens at the end of the year. The Federal Office of Public Health approves the premiums for the following year each autumn. Your new premium will be communicated to you in writing by your health insurance no later than the end of October. You now have the time to submit the cancellation to your insurer no later than 30 November. Note: The insurer must have received your letter on this date.
For insured persons with a decent franchise (300 francs), there is an additional termination date at the end of June. The notice period is three months.

Cancellation supplementary insurance
The termination date for supplementary insurance is generally 30 September, the periods of notice may vary. Most suppliers offer a three-month notice period at the end of the year. However, there are exceptions, such as multi-year contracts.
In the case of a premium increase, a shorter notice period of one month is generally applicable.
The exact regulation can be found in the insurance conditions of your current health insurer. In case of uncertainty, you can clarify directly with this, which applies in your case.

Postal code per region and canton: Valais
Mont-Noble 1961 Vernamiège
Mont-Noble 1968 Mase
Mont-Noble 1973 Nax
Saint-Martin (VS) 1969 Eison (St.Martin)
Saint-Martin (VS) 1969 Eison (St-Martin)
Saint-Martin (VS) 1969 Liez (St-Martin)
Saint-Martin (VS) 1969 St-Martin VS
Saint-Martin (VS) 1969 Suen (St-Martin)
Saint-Martin (VS) 1969 Trogne (St-Martin)
Saint-Martin (VS) 1982 Euseigne
Vex 1981 Vex
Vex 1988 Les Collons
Vex 1988 Thyon
Vex 1992 Les Mayens-de-Sion
Hérémence 1982 Euseigne
Hérémence 1987 Hérémence
Evolène 1983 Evolène
Evolène 1983 Lana (Evolène)
Evolène 1983 Lanna
Evolène 1984 La Tour VS
Evolène 1984 Les Haudères
Evolène 1985 La Forclaz VS
Evolène 1985 La Sage
Evolène 1985 Villa (Evolène)
Evolène 1985 Villaz VS
Evolène 1986 Arolla
Fieschertal 3801 Jungfraujoch
Fieschertal 3984 Fieschertal
Brig-Glis 3900 Brig
Brig-Glis 3900 Brigerbad
Brig-Glis 3900 Gamsen
Brig-Glis 3902 Glis
Ried-Brig 3900 Brig
Ried-Brig 3901 Rothwald
Ried-Brig 3911 Ried-Brig
Termen 3900 Brig
Termen 3912 Termen
Termen 3913 Rosswald
Termen 3982 Bitsch
Naters 3903 Birgisch
Naters 3903 Mund
Naters 3904 Naters
Naters 3914 Belalp
Naters 3914 Blatten b. Naters
Saas-Almagell 3905 Saas-Almagell
Saas-Fee 3906 Saas-Fee
Saas-Fee 3910 Saas-Grund
Simplon 3907 Gabi (Simplon)
Simplon 3907 Simplon Dorf
Simplon 3907 Simplon Hospiz
Zwischbergen 3907 Gondo
Saas-Balen 3908 Saas-Balen
Saas-Grund 3910 Saas-Grund
Ferden 3916 Ferden
Ferden 3917 Goppenstein
Kippel 3917 Kippel
Wiler (Lötschen) 3918 Wiler (Lötschen)
Blatten 3919 Blatten(Lötschen)
Zermatt 3920 Zermatt
Eisten 3922 Eisten
Embd 3922 Kalpetran
Embd 3926 Embd
Stalden (VS) 3922 Stalden VS
Visperterminen 3922 Stalden VS
Visperterminen 3930 Visp
Visperterminen 3932 Visperterminen
Törbel 3923 Törbel
St. Niklaus 3924 Gasenried
St. Niklaus 3924 St. Niklaus VS
St. Niklaus 3927 Herbriggen
Grächen 3925 Grächen
Randa 3928 Randa
Täsch 3929 Täsch
Visp 3930 Eyholz
Visp 3930 Visp
Lalden 3931 Lalden
Staldenried 3933 Staldenried
Zeneggen 3934 Zeneggen
Bürchen 3935 Bürchen
Baltschieder 3937 Baltschieder
Ausserberg 3938 Ausserberg
Eggerberg 3939 Eggerberg
Steg-Hohtenn 3940 Steg VS
Steg-Hohtenn 3949 Hohtenn
Niedergesteln 3942 Niedergesteln
Niedergesteln 3942 Raron
Raron 3942 Raron
Raron 3942 St. German
Eischoll 3943 Eischoll
Unterbäch 3944 Unterbäch VS
Leuk 3945 Gampel
Leuk 3945 Niedergampel
Leuk 3952 Susten
Leuk 3953 Leuk Stadt
Leuk 3956 Guttet-Feschel
Leuk 3957 Erschmatt
Leuk 3970 Salgesch
Gampel-Bratsch 3945 Gampel
Gampel-Bratsch 3945 Niedergampel
Gampel-Bratsch 3957 Bratsch
Turtmann-Unterems 3945 Gampel
Turtmann-Unterems 3946 Turtmann
Turtmann-Unterems 3948 Oberems
Turtmann-Unterems 3948 Unterems
Ergisch 3946 Gruben
Ergisch 3947 Ergisch
Oberems 3948 Oberems
Agarn 3951 Agarn
Inden 3953 Inden
Varen 3953 Varen
Leukerbad 3954 Leukerbad
Albinen 3955 Albinen
Albinen 3956 Guttet-Feschel
Guttet-Feschel 3956 Guttet-Feschel
Anniviers 3960 Niouc
Anniviers 3961 Ayer
Anniviers 3961 Chandolin
Anniviers 3961 Grimentz
Anniviers 3961 Mission
Anniviers 3961 St-Jean VS
Anniviers 3961 St-Luc
Anniviers 3961 Vissoie
Anniviers 3961 Zinal
Salgesch 3970 Salgesch
Venthône 3973 Venthône
Bitsch 3982 Bitsch
Riederalp 3982 Bitsch
Riederalp 3983 Goppisberg
Riederalp 3983 Greich
Riederalp 3986 Ried-Mörel
Riederalp 3987 Riederalp
Bister 3983 Bister
Mörel-Filet 3983 Filet
Mörel-Filet 3983 Mörel
Bettmeralp 3983 Mörel
Bettmeralp 3991 Betten
Bettmeralp 3992 Bettmeralp
Bettmeralp 3994 Martisberg
Fiesch 3984 Fiesch
Goms 3985 Geschinen
Goms 3985 Münster VS
Goms 3989 Biel VS
Goms 3989 Blitzingen
Goms 3989 Niederwald
Goms 3989 Ritzingen
Goms 3989 Selkingen
Goms 3998 Gluringen
Goms 3998 Reckingen VS
Obergoms 3988 Obergesteln
Obergoms 3988 Ulrichen
Obergoms 3999 Oberwald
Grengiols 3993 Grengiols
Lax 3994 Lax
Ernen 3995 Ausserbinn
Ernen 3995 Ernen
Ernen 3995 Mühlebach (Goms)
Ernen 3995 Steinhaus
Binn 3996 Binn
Bellwald 3997 Bellwald