Overview of supplementary insurances

Details of supplementary insurance

International travel insurance

The international travel insurance gives you affordable peace-of-mind wherever you go in the world. In the event of a medical emergency abroad, you can claim back treatment costs in excess of the basic cover. In addition, offers you comprehensive transport and repatriation services, and also covers search and rescue costs.

Supplementary healthcare insurance

With supplementary healthcare insurance you decide on a case-by-case basis whether you would prefer to receive conventional or alternative medical treatment. The supplementary insurance offers you valuable supplementary benefits in complementary (alternative) medicine, prevention, and health promotion.

Dental insurance

Dental cover protects you from the generally very high costs of orthodontic treatment (e.g. braces) and illness-induced damage to your teeth. In addition, it gives you allowances towards preventive treatment such as dental hygiene and check-ups by the dentist. The covers range from CHF 300.- up to CHF 15’000.-

Insurance general ward

The general ward supplementary hospital insurance plan grants you the freedom to choose the hospital in a multi-bed room in the general ward of the hospital of your choice in Switzerland.

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Prevention & Checkup

The word “prevention” is derived from the Latin verb “praevenire” meaning “to anticipate”.
In healthcare, the term prevention refers to all steps taken to prevent, delay or mitigate damage to someone's health. A distinction is drawn between different types of prevention: primary prevention includes generally useful measures such as health education, hygiene and vaccinations. The goal of secondary prevention is to identify diseases in risk groups at an early stage, and it includes such measures as prevention of cardiovascular disease and mammography and colonoscopy screening.

Health promotion & Fitness

Health-promoting fitness offers such as weight training at a fitness centre (fitness centre membership), fitness courses, aquafitness, etc. That's why supplementary insurance contribute generously towards the costs you incur in keeping yourself healthy.

Medicines not covered by statutory health insurance (LPPV)

You are not entitled to reimbursement of the costs of medicines on the list of pharmaceutical products with special application (LPPV). If you have taken out a insurance policy, however, we will assume the costs of medicines on the LPPV supplementary list.

Eyeglasses and contact lenses

Many adults, children and adolescents require visual aids. We can make a contribution under basic insurance for children and adolescents. As an adult, you also get a portion of the costs reimbursed if you have supplementary insurance.
Basic insurance up to age 18: CHF 180.- per year.
Supplementary insurance 90% up to CHF 300.- per year.

Correction of misaligned teeth

Correction of misaligned teeth is also common practice in Switzerland. These days, more and more young people wear dental braces for a period of time. With our supplementary covers, you will receive contributions towards the cost of such treatments and procedures.

Capital of insurance in case of hospitalisation

Capital insurance in the event of hospitalization, valid worldwide
Hospitalization always is expensive. It takes appropriate precautions against the many exceptional costs resulting from hospitalization, such as surveillance or the arrangement of her children, the use of a domestic help, the cost of travel of his loved ones to the hospital and many other unexpected expenses.

Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine treats people holistically and seeks the cause of an illness instead of only treating its symptoms. Nowadays, more than half of all Swiss people turn to complementary medicine.
You can also receive alternative treatments and benefit from many complementary services with the supplementary insurance

Insurance semi-private ward

The semi-private ward supplementary insurance plan provides you with semi-private hospital insurance. You are free to choose your own doctor and hospital, and enjoy the greater comfort of a two-bed room. What is more, you can take advantage of many worthwhile supplementary benefits on top of your basic insurance as well as exclusive services in our partner clinics.

Insurance private ward

The supplementary insurance offers you private hospital cover. You are free to choose your own doctor and hospital, and enjoy the highest levels of comfort in a one-bed room. What is more, you can take advantage of many worthwhile supplementary benefits on top of your basic insurance as well as exclusive services in our partner clinics.

Worldwide private ward

Worldwide hospitalisation insurance for the highest demands
Choose an exclusive insurance package that provides worldwide access to first-class medical treatment and gives you full financial protection.
Free choice of hospital worldwide:
- free choice of the best hospital doctors
- rapid access to rst-rate medical services
- first-class medical care
- single room with the best comfort and service

Hospital insurance flexible choice of ward

The Hospital flexible supplementary hospital insurance plan grants you full flexibility in the choice of ward for an attractive premium. You decide on a case-by-case basis whether you would like to be treated on a general, semi-private or private ward. Both the benefits offered and your deductible vary according to the choices you make.

Health Maintenance Organisation

HMO is your first point of contact for all questions relating to your health. This means you have direct access to a network of doctors and therapists. Your health centre keeps track of your treatment and ensures that it is well coordinated with an optimum benefit for you.


BASIS is the standard statutory version of the compulsory basic health insurance. -No restrictions on the choice of medical providers.
-You have a free choice of doctor.
-You can go directly to a specialist if needed.

Family doctor model

This is who you consult first in all medical matters. Your family doctor will then coordinate the entire treatment, prescribe generic medicine whenever possible and refer you to a specialist or hospital as necessary.


Consultation with the family doctor and purchase of medicine at specific pharmacies. With this health insurance model you are committed to buy the medicine only from pharmacies recognized Sun Store (model limited to a few cantons) and to give priority to consult with your family doctor.


Your first point of contact for all questions relating to your health is the SWICA partner pharmacy or the sante24 health advice helpline. If the health issue cannot be resolved by the SWICA partner pharmacy or sante24, you select your doctor from the comprehensive MEDPHARM list which is updated annually.


Basic insurance with advice by phone. By contacting the hotline for all questions relating to your health, the medical experts will find you a suitable doctor or therapist and make the appointments for you.

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