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Cantons where every insurance offers a minimum price. Choose the best health insurance in Switzerland

Health insurance comparison for families
Are you interested in the best health insurance for your family We have the right offer for you.
Every family has different needs - also with the health insurance. An individual solution should be in the foreground in order to prevent potential gaps in the case of illness or accident.
In addition, you benefit from attractive discounts for your entire family, so they have an optimal insurance protection, even for their wallet.
Easy and fast: compare health insurance, request a quote, save money.
Health insurance Switzerland now without obligation, our health insurance comparison always shows ALL health insurance companies in Switzerland and not first those who pay for it.
In the following, the health insurance is the most favorable premiums for each canton has Adolescents Without accident insurance
The cheapest health insurance Canton Region Lowest price Basic insurance models
Agrisano AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 128.00 Telmed
AMB NW - Nidwalden Region 173.90 Standard
Aquilana NW - Nidwalden Region 142.20 Family doctor model
Arcosana AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 133.10 Telmed
Assura ZG - Zug Region 139.90 Family doctor model
Atupri LU - Luzern Region 3 131.50 Standard
Avenir UR - Uri Region 149.30 Health Maintenance Organisation
Birchmeier AG - Aargau Region 232.40 Family doctor model
BKK SZ - Schwyz Region 173.10 Standard
CMVEO VS - Valais Region 1 176.40 Telmed
Compact AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 159.10 Telmed
Concordia AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 130.90 Family doctor model
CSS UR - Uri Region 137.60 Family doctor model
Easy Sana NW - Nidwalden Region 154.90 Telmed
EGK AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 139.40 Family doctor model
GALENOS AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 148.80 Health Maintenance Organisation
GALENOS AR - Appenzell Ausserrhoden Region 141.40 Family doctor model
GLKV GL - Glarus Region 192.10 Standard
Ingenbohl GR - Grigioni Region 3 346.55 Standard
Intras AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 129.40 Family doctor model
KKV VS - Valais Region 2 174.70 Telmed
KLuG ZG - Zug Region 149.15 Standard
Kolping NW - Nidwalden Region 147.80 Telmed
KVF AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 148.10 Family doctor model
Lumneziana GR - Grigioni Region 3 171.50 Family doctor model
Luzerner Hinterland LU - Luzern Region 3 151.70 Telmed
Mels GR - Grigioni Region 3 158.90 Family doctor model
Philos NW - Nidwalden Region 147.80 Telmed
Provita ZG - Zug Region 150.00 MedPharm
Sana24 AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 151.70 Health Maintenance Organisation
Sanagate GR - Grigioni Region 3 132.70 Family doctor model
Sanavals GR - Grigioni Region 3 163.45 Family doctor model
Sanitas AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 125.20 Telmed
SLKK AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 144.10 Family doctor model
Sodalis VS - Valais Region 2 159.60 Telmed
Steffisburg NW - Nidwalden Region 132.80 Family doctor model
Sumiswalder UR - Uri Region 146.80 Family doctor model
Supra AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 158.10 Family doctor model
Surselva GR - Grigioni Region 3 179.75 Family doctor model
Sympany UR - Uri Region 147.00 Family doctor model
Visana AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 133.80 Health Maintenance Organisation
Vivacare AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Region 139.90 Family doctor model
Wädenswil ZH - Zürich Region 3 199.80 Family doctor model