Health insurance termination in Switzerland. Information by postcode

You can have all the bonuses calculated for the desired franchises. Particularly useful: Choose the «Franchise» option if you would like to know the best franchise for your estimated health costs: Jura

In this case, the premium calculator from calculates automatically for all product variants, which franchise is the most convenient for you personally.
All standard, HMO, GP, Telmed, Medpharm and Pharmed of the compulsory basic insurance are displayed for your profile, which are available in your community. The officially approved premium data of the Federal Government (FAG, Priminfo) serve as the basis.
In addition, the neutral calculator takes into account reductions in premiums for families with several children, restricted areas of activity for the health insurance funds, and restricted coverage areas for the HMO and pediatrician models
In the case of families and children's health insurance, the health insurance legislation provides for sufficient leeway to relieve families financially. The franchise plays an important role here, which is usually set at CHF 0 for children.

Termination of basic insurance
If you want to change your health insurance, this usually happens at the end of the year. The Federal Office of Public Health approves the premiums for the following year each autumn. Your new premium will be communicated to you in writing by your health insurance no later than the end of October. You now have the time to submit the cancellation to your insurer no later than 30 November. Note: The insurer must have received your letter on this date.
For insured persons with a decent franchise (300 francs), there is an additional termination date at the end of June. The notice period is three months.

Cancellation supplementary insurance
The termination date for supplementary insurance is generally 30 September, the periods of notice may vary. Most suppliers offer a three-month notice period at the end of the year. However, there are exceptions, such as multi-year contracts.
In the case of a premium increase, a shorter notice period of one month is generally applicable.
The exact regulation can be found in the insurance conditions of your current health insurer. In case of uncertainty, you can clarify directly with this, which applies in your case.

Postal code per region and canton: Jura
Les Bois 2333 La Ferrière
Les Bois 2336 Les Bois
Le Noirmont 2336 Les Bois
Le Noirmont 2340 Le Noirmont
Le Noirmont 2345 Les Breuleux
Muriaux 2338 Les Emibois
Muriaux 2338 Muriaux
Muriaux 2345 Le Cerneux-Veusil
Muriaux 2345 Les Breuleux
La Chaux-des-Breuleux 2345 Chaux-des-Breuleux
Les Breuleux 2345 Les Breuleux
Saignelégier 2350 Saignelégier
Saignelégier 2353 Les Pommerats
Saignelégier 2354 Goumois
Les Enfers 2353 Les Pommerats
Les Enfers 2363 Les Enfers
Le Bémont (JU) 2360 Le Bémont JU
Le Bémont (JU) 2363 Les Enfers
Montfaucon 2362 Montfaucon
Montfaucon 2362 Montfavergier
Montfaucon 2718 Lajoux JU
Saint-Brais 2364 St-Brais
Saint-Brais 2873 Saulcy
Saint-Brais 2882 St-Ursanne
Saint-Brais 2883 Montmelon
Saint-Brais 2886 Epiquerez
Les Genevez (JU) 2714 Le Prédame
Les Genevez (JU) 2714 Les Genevez JU
Saulcy 2718 Fornet-Dessus
Saulcy 2718 Lajoux JU
Saulcy 2873 Saulcy
Lajoux (JU) 2718 Fornet-Dessus
Lajoux (JU) 2718 Lajoux JU
Haute-Sorne 2748 Les Ecorcheresses
Haute-Sorne 2853 Courfaivre
Haute-Sorne 2854 Bassecourt
Haute-Sorne 2855 Glovelier
Haute-Sorne 2863 Undervelier
Haute-Sorne 2864 Soulce
Haute-Sorne 2873 Saulcy
Courrendlin 2800 Delémont
Courrendlin 2830 Courrendlin
Delémont 2800 Delémont
Delémont 2852 Courtételle
Develier 2802 Develier
Bourrignon 2803 Bourrignon
Pleigne 2803 Bourrignon
Pleigne 2806 Mettembert
Pleigne 2807 Pleigne
Pleigne 2813 Ederswiler
Pleigne 2814 Roggenburg
Courroux 2805 Soyhières
Courroux 2822 Courroux
Courroux 2823 Courcelon
Courroux 2830 Courrendlin
Soyhières 2805 Soyhières
Mettembert 2806 Mettembert
La Baroche 2807 Lucelle
La Baroche 2883 Montmelon
La Baroche 2946 Miécourt
La Baroche 2947 Charmoille
La Baroche 2953 Fregiécourt
La Baroche 2953 Pleujouse
La Baroche 2954 Asuel
Movelier 2812 Movelier
Movelier 2813 Ederswiler
Ederswiler 2813 Ederswiler
Val Terbi 2824 Vicques
Val Terbi 2828 Montsevelier
Val Terbi 2829 Vermes
Val Terbi 2832 Rebeuvelier
Courchapoix 2825 Courchapoix
Corban 2826 Corban
Mervelier 2827 Mervelier
Vellerat 2830 Vellerat
Rebeuvelier 2832 Rebeuvelier
Rossemaison 2842 Rossemaison
Châtillon (JU) 2843 Châtillon JU
Courtételle 2852 Courtételle
Boécourt 2856 Boécourt
Boécourt 2857 Montavon
Boécourt 2883 Montmelon
Clos du Doubs 2882 St-Ursanne
Clos du Doubs 2883 Montmelon
Clos du Doubs 2884 Montenol
Clos du Doubs 2885 Epauvillers
Clos du Doubs 2886 Epiquerez
Clos du Doubs 2888 Seleute
Clos du Doubs 2889 Ocourt
Soubey 2887 Soubey
Fontenais 2889 Ocourt
Fontenais 2902 Fontenais
Fontenais 2903 Villars-Fontenais
Fontenais 2904 Bressaucourt
Porrentruy 2900 Porrentruy
Courtedoux 2905 Courtedoux
Haute-Ajoie 2906 Chevenez
Haute-Ajoie 2912 Réclère
Haute-Ajoie 2912 Roche-d'Or
Haute-Ajoie 2914 Damvant
Haute-Ajoie 2916 Fahy
Rocourt 2907 Rocourt
Grandfontaine 2908 Grandfontaine
Bure 2915 Bure
Basse-Allaine 2915 Bure
Basse-Allaine 2923 Courtemaîche
Basse-Allaine 2924 Montignez
Basse-Allaine 2925 Buix
Fahy 2916 Fahy
Courchavon 2922 Courchavon
Boncourt 2926 Boncourt
Coeuve 2932 Coeuve
Damphreux 2933 Damphreux
Lugnez 2933 Lugnez
Beurnevésin 2935 Beurnevésin
Alle 2942 Alle
Vendlincourt 2943 Vendlincourt
Bonfol 2944 Bonfol
Courgenay 2950 Courgenay
Courgenay 2950 Courtemautruy
Courgenay 2952 Cornol
Cornol 2952 Cornol