Health insurance premiums for 2020 in Switzerland. Minimum rate for all cantons.

Switching health insurance providers

There are many different health insurance providers for you to choose from. Although the services are the same, provider premiums can differ enormously. For this reason, it is advisable for you to check every year how much your healthcare cover costs.

You can always cancel your basic health insurance at the end of the year, subject to one month’s notice. So, if you want to be insured at another Swiss health insurance provider in the following year, you have to give notice and switch by the end of November of the current year. You can obtain a sample cancellation letter from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, for example. ((externer Link in neuem Fenster))

To switch supplementary health insurance providers, you have to comply with the deadlines and contract terms of your current provider.


Minimum price for basic health insurance per canton

Our premium calculator will provide you with a more detailed comparison of the current premiums. Enter your current health insurance provider and place of residence, select your desired type of insurance model (GP, Telmed, HMO or free choice of doctors) as well as the deductible. To even better customise the non-binding and free quote to your requirements, you can also choose what is important for you, for example competitive premiums, free choice of doctors, or discounts for families. Below you will find an overview of the basic insurance premium for each canton.

Canton The cheapest health insurance Region Lowest price Basic insurance models
AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden Assura Region 167.30 Family doctor model
UR - Uri KPT Region 180.00 Telmed
NW - Nidwalden Helsana Region 181.50 Family doctor model
ZG - Zug Assura Region 185.60 Family doctor model
OW - Obwalden Atupri Region 186.00 Health Maintenance Organisation
LU - Luzern Atupri Region 3 186.70 Health Maintenance Organisation
GR - Grigioni Sanagate Region 3 187.60 Telmed
VS - Valais Progrès Region 2 192.00 Family doctor model
SG - St. Gallen Atupri Region 3 195.00 Health Maintenance Organisation
LU - Luzern Progrès Region 2 196.50 Family doctor model
SZ - Schwyz Atupri Region 198.50 Health Maintenance Organisation
ZH - Zürich Assura Region 3 200.00 Pharmed
GR - Grigioni Sanagate Region 2 202.30 Telmed
GL - Glarus Philos Region 202.70 Telmed
TG - Thurgau Assura Region 205.70 Pharmed
AR - Appenzell Ausserrhoden GALENOS Region 205.70 Telmed
LU - Luzern Progrès Region 1 213.50 Family doctor model
SG - St. Gallen Assura Region 2 213.80 Pharmed
SG - St. Gallen Atupri Region 1 214.40 Telmed
FR - Fribourg Progrès Region 2 215.00 Family doctor model
AG - Aargau Assura Region 216.00 Pharmed
SH - Schaffhausen Helsana Region 2 216.50 Family doctor model
VS - Valais Atupri Region 1 218.40 Telmed
GR - Grigioni Progrès Region 1 224.90 Family doctor model
ZH - Zürich Assura Region 2 228.60 Pharmed
SH - Schaffhausen Progrès Region 1 228.80 Family doctor model
BE - Berne Assura Region 3 228.90 Pharmed
SO - Solothurn Assura Region 238.10 Pharmed
FR - Fribourg Progrès Region 1 245.00 Family doctor model
BE - Berne Progrès Region 2 251.20 Family doctor model
BL - Basel-Landschaft Assura Region 2 252.00 Telmed
TI - Ticino Helsana Region 2 258.10 Family doctor model
ZH - Zürich Assura Region 1 264.90 Pharmed
VD - Vaud Helsana Region 2 266.70 Family doctor model
JU - Jura Assura Region 278.30 Pharmed
BL - Basel-Landschaft Atupri Region 1 281.90 Telmed
TI - Ticino EGK Region 1 284.00 Telmed
BE - Berne Assura Region 1 293.40 Pharmed
VD - Vaud Assura Region 1 295.40 Telmed
NE - Neuchâtel Swica Region 297.30 MedPharm
GE - Genève Assura Region 319.10 Telmed
BS - Basel-Stadt Assura Region 333.30 Telmed