Health insurance termination in Switzerland. Information by postcode

You can have all the bonuses calculated for the desired franchises. Particularly useful: Choose the «Franchise» option if you would like to know the best franchise for your estimated health costs: Solothurn

In this case, the premium calculator from calculates automatically for all product variants, which franchise is the most convenient for you personally.
All standard, HMO, GP, Telmed, Medpharm and Pharmed of the compulsory basic insurance are displayed for your profile, which are available in your community. The officially approved premium data of the Federal Government (FAG, Priminfo) serve as the basis.
In addition, the neutral calculator takes into account reductions in premiums for families with several children, restricted areas of activity for the health insurance funds, and restricted coverage areas for the HMO and pediatrician models
In the case of families and children's health insurance, the health insurance legislation provides for sufficient leeway to relieve families financially. The franchise plays an important role here, which is usually set at CHF 0 for children.

Termination of basic insurance
If you want to change your health insurance, this usually happens at the end of the year. The Federal Office of Public Health approves the premiums for the following year each autumn. Your new premium will be communicated to you in writing by your health insurance no later than the end of October. You now have the time to submit the cancellation to your insurer no later than 30 November. Note: The insurer must have received your letter on this date.
For insured persons with a decent franchise (300 francs), there is an additional termination date at the end of June. The notice period is three months.

Cancellation supplementary insurance
The termination date for supplementary insurance is generally 30 September, the periods of notice may vary. Most suppliers offer a three-month notice period at the end of the year. However, there are exceptions, such as multi-year contracts.
In the case of a premium increase, a shorter notice period of one month is generally applicable.
The exact regulation can be found in the insurance conditions of your current health insurer. In case of uncertainty, you can clarify directly with this, which applies in your case.

Postal code per region and canton: Solothurn
Grenchen 2540 Grenchen
Bettlach 2544 Bettlach
Selzach 2545 Selzach
Selzach 4574 Nennigkofen
Aedermannsdorf 2747 Seehof
Aedermannsdorf 4714 Aedermannsdorf
Aedermannsdorf 4717 Mümliswil
Aedermannsdorf 4719 Ramiswil
Kleinlützel 2814 Roggenburg
Kleinlützel 4245 Kleinlützel
Beinwil (SO) 2827 Schelten
Beinwil (SO) 4229 Beinwil SO
Schnottwil 3253 Schnottwil
Messen 3254 Balm b. Messen
Messen 3254 Messen
Messen 3307 Brunnenthal
Messen 4588 Oberramsern
Witterswil 4108 Witterswil
Bättwil 4112 Bättwil
Hofstetten-Flüh 4112 Flüh
Hofstetten-Flüh 4114 Hofstetten SO
Hofstetten-Flüh 4115 Mariastein
Metzerlen-Mariastein 4115 Mariastein
Metzerlen-Mariastein 4116 Metzerlen
Rodersdorf 4118 Rodersdorf
Dornach 4143 Dornach
Hochwald 4143 Dornach
Hochwald 4146 Hochwald
Gempen 4145 Gempen
Himmelried 4204 Himmelried
Seewen 4206 Seewen SO
Nunningen 4208 Nunningen
Breitenbach 4226 Breitenbach
Büsserach 4227 Büsserach
Erschwil 4228 Erschwil
Mümliswil-Ramiswil 4229 Beinwil SO
Mümliswil-Ramiswil 4418 Reigoldswil
Mümliswil-Ramiswil 4717 Mümliswil
Mümliswil-Ramiswil 4719 Ramiswil
Fehren 4232 Fehren
Meltingen 4233 Meltingen
Zullwil 4234 Zullwil
Grindel 4247 Grindel
Bärschwil 4252 Bärschwil
Bärschwil 4253 Liesberg
Nuglar-St. Pantaleon 4412 Nuglar
Nuglar-St. Pantaleon 4421 St. Pantaleon
Büren (SO) 4413 Büren SO
Holderbank (SO) 4438 Langenbruck
Holderbank (SO) 4718 Holderbank SO
Hägendorf 4438 Langenbruck
Hägendorf 4614 Hägendorf
Hägendorf 4615 Allerheiligenberg
Hägendorf 4622 Egerkingen
Kienberg 4468 Kienberg
Biberist 4500 Solothurn
Biberist 4528 Zuchwil
Biberist 4562 Biberist
Biberist 4574 Lüsslingen
Bellach 4500 Solothurn
Bellach 4512 Bellach
Langendorf 4500 Solothurn
Langendorf 4513 Langendorf
Rüttenen 4500 Solothurn
Rüttenen 4522 Rüttenen
Rüttenen 4532 Feldbrunnen
Solothurn 4500 Solothurn
Lommiswil 4512 Bellach
Lommiswil 4514 Lommiswil
Oberdorf (SO) 4515 Oberdorf SO
Oberdorf (SO) 4515 Weissenstein
Oberdorf (SO) 4522 Rüttenen
Riedholz 4523 Niederwil SO
Riedholz 4533 Riedholz
Balm bei Günsberg 4524 Balmberg
Balm bei Günsberg 4524 Oberbalmberg
Balm bei Günsberg 4525 Balm b. Günsberg
Günsberg 4524 Günsberg
Zuchwil 4528 Zuchwil
Feldbrunnen-St. Niklaus 4532 Feldbrunnen
Flumenthal 4534 Flumenthal
Hubersdorf 4535 Hubersdorf
Kammersrohr 4535 Kammersrohr
Deitingen 4542 Luterbach
Deitingen 4543 Deitingen
Luterbach 4542 Luterbach
Luterbach 4552 Derendingen
Derendingen 4552 Derendingen
Subingen 4553 Subingen
Etziken 4554 Etziken
Hüniken 4554 Hüniken
Aeschi (SO) 4556 Aeschi SO
Aeschi (SO) 4556 Burgäschi
Aeschi (SO) 4556 Steinhof SO
Bolken 4556 Bolken
Horriwil 4557 Horriwil
Drei Höfe 4558 Heinrichswil
Drei Höfe 4558 Hersiwil
Drei Höfe 4558 Winistorf
Gerlafingen 4563 Gerlafingen
Obergerlafingen 4563 Gerlafingen
Obergerlafingen 4564 Obergerlafingen
Recherswil 4565 Recherswil
Halten 4566 Halten
Kriegstetten 4566 Kriegstetten
Oekingen 4566 Oekingen
Lüterkofen-Ichertswil 4571 Ichertswil
Lüterkofen-Ichertswil 4571 Lüterkofen
Lohn-Ammannsegg 4573 Lohn-Ammannsegg
Lüsslingen-Nennigkofen 4574 Lüsslingen
Lüsslingen-Nennigkofen 4574 Nennigkofen
Buchegg 4576 Tscheppach
Buchegg 4577 Hessigkofen
Buchegg 4578 Bibern SO
Buchegg 4579 Gossliwil
Buchegg 4581 Küttigkofen
Buchegg 4582 Brügglen
Buchegg 4583 Aetigkofen
Buchegg 4583 Mühledorf SO
Buchegg 4586 Kyburg-Buchegg
Buchegg 4587 Aetingen
Buchegg 4588 Brittern
Lüterswil-Gächliwil 4584 Gächliwil
Lüterswil-Gächliwil 4584 Lüterswil
Biezwil 4585 Biezwil
Unterramsern 4588 Unterramsern
Trimbach 4600 Olten
Trimbach 4632 Trimbach
Trimbach 4634 Wisen SO
Olten 4600 Olten
Olten 4663 Aarburg
Starrkirch-Wil 4600 Olten
Starrkirch-Wil 4656 Starrkirch-Wil
Starrkirch-Wil 4657 Dulliken
Wangen bei Olten 4612 Wangen b. Olten
Rickenbach (SO) 4613 Rickenbach SO
Gunzgen 4614 Hägendorf
Gunzgen 4617 Gunzgen
Kappel (SO) 4616 Kappel SO
Kappel (SO) 4618 Boningen
Boningen 4618 Boningen
Egerkingen 4622 Egerkingen
Neuendorf 4623 Neuendorf
Oberbuchsiten 4623 Neuendorf
Oberbuchsiten 4625 Oberbuchsiten
Oberbuchsiten 4718 Holderbank SO
Härkingen 4624 Härkingen
Niederbuchsiten 4626 Niederbuchsiten
Wolfwil 4628 Wolfwil
Fulenbach 4629 Fulenbach
Hauenstein-Ifenthal 4633 Hauenstein
Wisen (SO) 4634 Wisen SO
Winznau 4652 Winznau
Obergösgen 4653 Obergösgen
Lostorf 4654 Lostorf
Rohr (SO) 4655 Rohr b. Olten
Stüsslingen 4655 Rohr b. Olten
Stüsslingen 4655 Stüsslingen
Dulliken 4657 Dulliken
Dulliken 5746 Walterswil SO
Däniken 4658 Däniken SO
Gretzenbach 4658 Däniken SO
Gretzenbach 5014 Gretzenbach
Oensingen 4702 Oensingen
Kestenholz 4703 Kestenholz
Balsthal 4710 Balsthal
Balsthal 4717 Mümliswil
Laupersdorf 4710 Balsthal
Laupersdorf 4712 Laupersdorf
Laupersdorf 4717 Mümliswil
Matzendorf 4713 Matzendorf
Herbetswil 4715 Herbetswil
Gänsbrunnen 4716 Gänsbrunnen
Welschenrohr 4716 Welschenrohr
Eppenberg-Wöschnau 5012 Eppenberg
Eppenberg-Wöschnau 5012 Wöschnau
Schönenwerd 5012 Schönenwerd
Niedergösgen 5013 Niedergösgen
Erlinsbach (SO) 5015 Erlinsbach SO
Erlinsbach (SO) 5017 Barmelweid
Walterswil (SO) 5746 Walterswil SO