Health insurance termination in Switzerland. Information by postcode

You can have all the bonuses calculated for the desired franchises. Particularly useful: Choose the «Franchise» option if you would like to know the best franchise for your estimated health costs: Tessin

In this case, the premium calculator from calculates automatically for all product variants, which franchise is the most convenient for you personally.
All standard, HMO, GP, Telmed, Medpharm and Pharmed of the compulsory basic insurance are displayed for your profile, which are available in your community. The officially approved premium data of the Federal Government (FAG, Priminfo) serve as the basis.
In addition, the neutral calculator takes into account reductions in premiums for families with several children, restricted areas of activity for the health insurance funds, and restricted coverage areas for the HMO and pediatrician models
In the case of families and children's health insurance, the health insurance legislation provides for sufficient leeway to relieve families financially. The franchise plays an important role here, which is usually set at CHF 0 for children.

Termination of basic insurance
If you want to change your health insurance, this usually happens at the end of the year. The Federal Office of Public Health approves the premiums for the following year each autumn. Your new premium will be communicated to you in writing by your health insurance no later than the end of October. You now have the time to submit the cancellation to your insurer no later than 30 November. Note: The insurer must have received your letter on this date.
For insured persons with a decent franchise (300 francs), there is an additional termination date at the end of June. The notice period is three months.

Cancellation supplementary insurance
The termination date for supplementary insurance is generally 30 September, the periods of notice may vary. Most suppliers offer a three-month notice period at the end of the year. However, there are exceptions, such as multi-year contracts.
In the case of a premium increase, a shorter notice period of one month is generally applicable.
The exact regulation can be found in the insurance conditions of your current health insurer. In case of uncertainty, you can clarify directly with this, which applies in your case.

Postal code per region and canton: Tessin
Cugnasco-Gerra 6516 Cugnasco
Cugnasco-Gerra 6594 Contone
Cugnasco-Gerra 6595 Riazzino
Cugnasco-Gerra 6597 Agarone
Cugnasco-Gerra 6635 Gerra (Verzasca)
Preonzo 6523 Preonzo
Moleno 6524 Moleno
Gnosca 6525 Gnosca
Lodrino 6526 Prosito
Lodrino 6527 Lodrino
Lavertezzo 6595 Riazzino
Lavertezzo 6633 Lavertezzo
Gordola 6596 Gordola
Onsernone 6611 Crana
Onsernone 6611 Gresso
Onsernone 6611 Mosogno
Onsernone 6661 Auressio
Onsernone 6661 Berzona
Onsernone 6661 Loco
Onsernone 6662 Russo
Onsernone 6663 Comologno
Onsernone 6663 Spruga
Onsernone 6664 Vergeletto
Corippo 6631 Corippo
Vogorno 6632 Vogorno
Brione (Verzasca) 6634 Brione (Verzasca)
Frasco 6636 Frasco
Sonogno 6637 Sonogno
Brione sopra Minusio 6645 Brione s. Minusio
Brione sopra Minusio 6646 Contra
Brione sopra Minusio 6648 Minusio
Mergoscia 6647 Mergoscia
Terre di Pedemonte 6652 Tegna
Terre di Pedemonte 6653 Verscio
Terre di Pedemonte 6654 Cavigliano
Centovalli 6655 Intragna
Centovalli 6655 Rasa
Centovalli 6655 Verdasio
Centovalli 6656 Golino
Centovalli 6657 Palagnedra
Centovalli 6658 Borgnone
Centovalli 6659 Camedo
Centovalli 6659 Moneto
Avegno Gordevio 6670 Avegno
Avegno Gordevio 6672 Gordevio
Maggia 6673 Maggia
Maggia 6674 Riveo
Maggia 6674 Someo
Maggia 6677 Aurigeno
Maggia 6677 Moghegno
Maggia 6678 Coglio
Maggia 6678 Giumaglio
Maggia 6678 Lodano
Cevio 6675 Cevio
Cevio 6676 Bignasco
Cevio 6690 Cavergno
Cevio 6690 S. Carlo
Linescio 6682 Linescio
Cerentino 6683 Cerentino
Cerentino 6683 Niva (Vallemaggia)
Campo (Vallemaggia) 6683 Niva (Vallemaggia)
Campo (Vallemaggia) 6684 Campo (VM)
Campo (Vallemaggia) 6684 Cimalmotto
Bosco/Gurin 6685 Bosco/Gurin
Lavizzara 6692 Brontallo
Lavizzara 6692 Menzonio
Lavizzara 6693 Broglio
Lavizzara 6694 Prato-Sornico
Lavizzara 6695 Peccia
Lavizzara 6695 Piano di Peccia
Lavizzara 6696 Fusio
Claro 6702 Claro
Osogna 6703 Osogna
Cresciano 6705 Cresciano
Iragna 6707 Iragna
Biasca 6710 Biasca
Serravalle 6713 Malvaglia
Serravalle 6714 Semione
Serravalle 6721 Ludiano
Acquarossa 6715 Dongio
Acquarossa 6716 Acquarossa
Acquarossa 6716 Leontica
Acquarossa 6716 Lottigna
Acquarossa 6721 Motto (Blenio)
Acquarossa 6722 Corzoneso
Acquarossa 6723 Castro
Acquarossa 6723 Marolta
Acquarossa 6723 Prugiasco
Acquarossa 6724 Largario
Acquarossa 6724 Ponto Valentino
Blenio 6717 Dangio
Blenio 6717 Dangio-Torre
Blenio 6717 Torre
Blenio 6718 Camperio
Blenio 6718 Olivone
Blenio 6719 Aquila
Blenio 6720 Campo (Blenio)
Blenio 6720 Ghirone
Pollegio 6742 Pollegio
Bodio 6743 Bodio TI
Personico 6744 Personico
Giornico 6745 Giornico
Faido 6746 Calonico
Faido 6746 Lavorgo
Faido 6746 Nivo
Faido 6747 Chironico
Faido 6748 Anzonico
Faido 6749 Cavagnago
Faido 6749 Sobrio
Faido 6760 Calpiogna
Faido 6760 Campello
Faido 6760 Carì
Faido 6760 Faido
Faido 6760 Molare
Faido 6760 Rossura
Faido 6763 Mairengo
Faido 6763 Osco
Faido 6764 Chiggiogna
Prato (Leventina) 6772 Rodi-Fiesso
Prato (Leventina) 6773 Prato (Leventina)
Dalpe 6774 Dalpe
Quinto 6775 Ambrì
Quinto 6776 Piotta
Quinto 6777 Quinto
Quinto 6777 Varenzo
Airolo 6780 Airolo
Airolo 6780 Madrano
Bedretto 6781 Bedretto
Bedretto 6781 Villa Bedretto